Lehtimäki to the Board of the Finnish Purchasing and Logistics Association 2017-2020


Lehtimäki to the Board of the Finnish Purchasing and Logistics Association 2017-2020

Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY is a not-for-profit association of private individuals and legal entities. The purpose of LOGY is to develop procedures for purchasing of materials and services and to promote physical logistics (i.e. transport, storage, handling) and the professional skills of employees in logistics for the benefit of the Finnish economy and society.

The objectives are to improve logistics and increase the internal and external integration of logistics, to develop the utilization of computer processing and data interchange in logistics and to present Finnish logistics services.

The organization of LOGY

Its board is chaired by 15 members. The term of members is three years, and the autumn meeting of the association always selects five new members to replace the resignation.

The chairman is elected for two years at a time, and the term of office may be maximum two consecutive. The tasks of the Board include, among other things, to guide and develop the association's activities and the economy in accordance with the rules and the meetings of the association's meetings, and to prepare and take initiatives on matters of economically important importance.

Board of LOGY 2017

Chairman Olli-Pekka Juhantila, Director, Salo Regional Education Council

Members of the government:
• Jarkko Rantala, logistics specialist
• Mika Seppälä, Country Manager Finland and Baltic States
• Marisa Pihlaja-Sillanpää, Director of Logistics Transportation
• Marika Tuomela-Pyykkönen, a doctoral student at Oulu University
• Antti Kojola, Business Development Director
• Vice Chairman, Pasi Nieminen, CEO
• Pekka Salonen, Sales Director
• Satu Happo-Tuominen, Purchasing Manager
• Petri Hällfors, Sourcing Engineer
• Harri Lorentz, professor
• Janne Lehtimäki, President and CEO
• Antti Lintunen, Production Manager
• Björn Höglund, Head of Supply Chain Support & Development
• Markku Uitto, Managing Director
• Vice Chairman, Sari Hakkarainen, Senior Manager, Strategic Development
• Markku Henttinen, Managing Director