Leafhill® Services

Leafhill® is the customer's 4PL* logistics department, a service professional who manages the company's logistics services more efficiently, professionally, and produces savings.


Leafhill® - Logistics Department

Professional and experienced logistics professionals cost-effectively provide all logistics department services to meet the changing needs of the customer company. The scope of the service can be flexibly scaled from a comprehensive "turnkey" service to an additional resource for the logistics department as needed.

Today, transportation and supply chain management require deeper industry expertise and experience to cope with complex assignments. Sometimes logistics tasks are also part of the purchasing, sales, or project manager's work, which affects the core business. A skilled and experienced logistics professional can often complete the task in a fraction of the time.

A comprehensive and cost-effective transport solution is not available from a single transport company, freight forwarder, shipping company, or airline that can meet all logistics needs. Varying and different transportation dimensions, weights, locations, special needs, and urgency require different operators to achieve optimal results. Outsourced logistics department can produce and manage multiple actors, so that the customer company receives all services from one stop.

We operate in all our services in accordance with the general provisions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (PSYM 2015). When coordinating transport, we act on behalf of the customer in accordance with Section 22 of PSYM. Link: PSYM 2015.

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Leafhill® - Logistics Development

We carry out development projects related to supply chain management with strong practical experience. The projects are carried out with discipline, utilizing project management tools and different management philosophies. We familiarize ourselves with the peculiarities and requirements of the industry, map the current situation, identify development targets, and implement the development plan in practice. By utilizing our extensive network, we can combine top experts from different areas of expertise in Finland and around the world as needed for the project.

We have a versatile selection of strategic, tactical, and implementation level tools at our disposal. Tools include simulation, optimization, and analysis, among others. Simulation includes data cleansing, network modeling, cost estimation, carbon footprint calculations, and various scenarios. Optimization includes location planning, route planning, cargo planning, delivery frequencies, and costs. Analysis content includes standard and ad hoc analyses, analysis support, map visualization, ranking, charts, and risk management.

We offer ready-made training packages for logistics and foreign trade, or we can tailor a training package according to the customer's needs.

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Fourt Party Logistics (4PL)

Our operating model is based on the so-called 4PL operating model. Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) refers to the model defined by Accenture, in which the supply chain integrator assembles and manages both its own and complementary external service providers' resources, capabilities, and technology in order to provide a comprehensive solution for its customer's supply chain management.