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- Our mission is to be the world's
most efficient and most competent
Logistics Department
for your company -



Leafhill® - Logistics Department


Leafhill Logistics Department service to your needs starting from the use of additional resource up to comprehensive turnkey service.

Logistics is our core business. Get ease and efficiency for your business via our experienced and experienced staff, extensive network of international service providers and the technology we have developed for our operations. You can focus on your own core business and product development.



Leafhill® - Logistics Development


Designing a logistics concept, ecological footprint, procurement and project management are examples of development projects that we have developed and implemented.

Projects are implemented in a disciplined way, utilizing management tools developed in project management and different management philosophies. By utilizing our extensive network, we can combine top experts from different fields from both Finland and the world.


Fourth Party Logistics (4PL)


Our operations are based on so called Fourth Party Logistics model (4PL, Fourth Party Logistics).

The model guarantees Customer one interface and full transparency for cost and functionality as well as access to technology and our global partner network without risk. We don't have own transport equipment or warehouse space, so you will always get the best solution from the market.